Masterclasses / Teaching

I am passionate about teaching and am on a mission to demystify the world of percussion!

If you are interested in studying with me privately, percussion lessons can be arranged through my private percussion studio in Greenville, NC or from the comfort of your own home through a virtual lesson hosted on Zoom.

Regardless of your chosen method, you will be able to develop your skills on snare drum, drum set, keyboard (mallet) percussion, timpani, or even percussion accessories such as tambourine or triangle. While most of my students find it helpful to develop as generalists it is also possible to specialize in a particular area such as marching or keyboard percussion (marimba, xylophone, vibraphone).

I currently offer both full ($50) and half lesson ($25) rates to accommodate a variety of needs and budgets. If you have questions about lessons or what supplies you need to get started, please let me know.

Not sure where to start? I love meeting new people and would be happy to talk with you! Please feel free to say hello by clicking on the “Get In Touch” button below.

A Note About Virtual Lessons: While some students, or parents, may be nervous about virtual lessons, my studio is equipped to provide a top-notch lesson experience unique to the virtual experience. Some unique features include:

multiple camera angles to make sure you always have a clear view

studio quality condenser microphones to make sure you are hearing great sounds

An ethernet connection to lessen any lag or latency being sent to your screen

In addition to private teaching, I also offer customized clinics and masterclasses that can be tailored toward middle school through post-graduate level students. I have listed a few masterclass topics below. (Fees are negotiable).

Fundamentals Masterclasses

Revisiting Snare Drum Fundamentals

Revisiting Timpani Fundamentals

Revisiting Technical Exercises

The Wide World of Orchestral Percussion Accessories

Conceptual Masterclasses

Developing Productive Practice Habits

Performance Analysis

Performing with Electronics

Preparing for the Audition

Let’s Explore Music Together

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